In Drugs and Bugs you will read about everything that is exciting about medicines – from crocodile poo and hippo fat in ancient Egypt, to today’s injections and tablets. You will find out how vaccines work, why antibiotics are useless against the common cold and how scientists go about inventing new medicines. You will also learn about viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, how they attack the body and how we defend ourselves – both with and without medicines. And lots more!

The book is richly illustrated by Nina Erixon-Lindroth, illustrator and neuroscientist.

Available in several languages.


I have tried the book on my seven-year-old with overwhelming results. He finds the stories about bacteria, viruses and fungi truly exciting. Both text and illustrations are recurrent topics in our family conversations. Personally I cannot help but admire the book’s “sneak-educational” approach which seems to work so well. These days it’s not uncommon for Olle, seven years, to correct us adults when we express ourselves too casually about infections. - Dagens Medicin

Knowledgeable and with plenty of humour, Brounéus guides the reader through the history of medicines up until today’s modern vaccines. - Dalarnas Tidningar


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