Energy is everywhere. We just assume that it will always be there whenever we need to warm up our houses, cook dinner, use our computers, mobile phones, escalators, X-ray machines, tower cranes, buses, trains, airplanes and cars. It is a given, yet often invisible - and unfortunately unsustainable part of our lives.

Today we know that the global energy system needs to be transformed to its core. This is crucial if we are to succeed in tackling climate change and creating a sustainable society. And we all have important parts to play in this transition. But how do we change something that we cannot see?

In this anthology, some of Sweden's leading energy researchers share their views on familiar and less familiar challenges and solutions regarding the energy of the future. The aim is to stimulate discussion and constructive debate so that we can address the challenges in an open dialogue where facts and knowledge shape our future.

The book is written by researchers affiliated with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology Energy Platform, in collaboration with the non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science).

The book can be downloaded for free (pdf format) via VA's website. It is also available in paperback from your local bookstore and online.



Cover image Towards the energy of the future


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