The Prince of Soul and The Lighthouse is a comic sci-fi novel set in New Zealand. It follows the adventures of George Larson, a high school student who discovers that he may be responsible for the imminent end of the world, and is the only person who can prevent it. More importantly, though – does Kaisa like him, and is there any chance that his recently resurrected zombie grandfather will just accept that he's, in fact, dead and let George get a decent night's sleep?.

Winner of the 2013 Sir Julius Vogel Award for best youth novel.

Available in several languages.


"Swedish he may be, but Brounéus comes perilously close to having written the great New Zealand visionary fiction novel... a rollicking adventure - humorous and as exciting as an Indiana Jones escapade." – Sunday Star-Times

"Hilarious action and deep philosophical discussion. Reincarnation has never been treated like this before." - Dominion Post

"An intriguing blend of sci-fi, humour and adventure... Awesome. High five!" – Herald Weekend

"Along with irreverent footnotes and quirky sense of humor, The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse is a blend of spiritualism, thrills, zombies, metaphysics, secret agents, revelations and albatrosses. It’s an unusual book, and not one that’s easily forgettable." –

“Great characters... laugh out loud material... just brilliant.” – Radio New Zealand

“Very clever, very funny and very enjoyable... Packed with action, puns, science, philosophy and soul..” – Herald on Sunday

“Brounéus nails his characters... A great read, for young and old souls alike.” – Metro

“A funny, exciting and fast-paced tale... An excellent read, and the climax is a cracker.” – Dunedin Star 


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